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Second Hand Car In Nepal

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The automobile industry is changing quickly, and car prices are rising. As a result, new cars are becoming increasingly expensive, making them a high-value purchase for the average person.

And, ironically, despite the steady rise in prices, the average life span of a car is decreasing, which is good news for potential used car buyers.

Because manufacturers are releasing newer versions of their models earlier than in the past, an increasing no. of modern cars are entering the used car market, making it easier for you to make a good buy without breaking the bank.

Here are the 5 best tips for why you should buy a second-hand car in Nepal.

You can save money and even upgrade your segment if you save money.

Second Hand Car In Nepal
Second Hand Car In Nepal

It only takes a minute for a new car straight out of the showroom to lose 8-10% of its purchase price as it enters used car territory.

However, you will pay much less than the original price (depending on the manufacturing date and the number of kilometres driven), saving money.

If you’ve got a specific budget, you can even skip a segment and choose a slightly old model car in a similar price range to get a better car than you had planned on.

Tension-free driving is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Second Hand Car In Nepal
Second Hand Car In Nepal

A used car has its own set of advantages. However, the main benefit has to be the feeling of driving stress-free, without the jitters of getting that first dent or scratch. 

In addition, you will be able to take longer trips as soon as you buy it, as buyers avoid taking a brand new car out for longer trips before the first service or inspection.

Assume you just purchased a brand new Hyundai i10 and are required to travel to a congested area of the city for work the very next day. If you get dents or scratches, you may decide not to drive your new car and instead take public transportation. 

Consider the same scenario if you had instead purchased the exact used car. You won’t be hesitant to drive your vehicle through those narrow lanes.

No more deception; now you can get certified used cars with warranties.

Second Hand Car In Nepal
Second Hand Car In Nepal

The way used cars are sold and purchased has evolved alongside the auto industry. 

As a result, you don’t have to rely on the verbal assurances of a slick car salesman, dealer, or individual that the used car is in perfect condition. Instead, you now have certification power at your disposal.

Slower depreciation means less money lost.

Second Hand Car In Nepal
Second Hand Car In Nepal

Every car depreciates, but a used car has an advantage over a new vehicle. Compared to a brand new vehicle, it declines at a slower rate. 

A vehicle’s depreciation is most significant during the first three years after purchase.

When you buy a second-hand car, you will undoubtedly pay a price that has already experienced considerable depreciation.

Insurance is less expensive, and no additional fees are required.

Second Hand Car In Nepal
Second Hand Car In Nepal

You were getting your used car insured will cost much less than getting a new car. 

This, combined with escalating additional taxes and other clauses, makes purchasing a new vehicle prohibitively expensive. 

For example, consider the comparison below between the ex-showroom price and the new car’s on the Road (OTR) price.

Buying a second-hand car is an excellent way to get behind the wheel without spending a lot of money on a new car. As a result, you’ll experience less vehicle depreciation and pay less on insurance and registration while remaining confident that your vehicle is in good condition.

Where can I buy a second hand car in Nepal?

Log Into: to buy a second hand car in Nepal without spending extra money on commission or maintenance.

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